Is your family interested in assisting an athlete from out of town by opening up your home and providing a safe place to stay?  At every training center, athletes come from near and far dreaming of the opportunity to train at their favorite location.  For many families it isn’t possible to travel together and stay in a temporary location.  With your application, you can specify all of the details that are important to you from length of stay, age and gender of the athlete, to the payment amount required for each night.  Once families are linked, the ultimate decision will take place between each family deciding if it is a good fit and if further details will be arranged.  We hope you will consider hosting an athlete and share the experience of training in Idaho Falls!

Hosting a junior hockey player(s) is a great opportunity! As a host family, you provide a hockey player a “home away from home.” During the season, you get an inside look at junior hockey and have an incredible chance to help a young man follow his dream to make college hockey. Most players and host families form bonds with each other that last well beyond the end of the season. Hosting a junior hockey player(s) is committing to being his family while he is in Idaho Falls. Our goal is to provide housing in a friendly, comfortable, and stable environment to make life a little easier for these players while they are in Idaho. The player(s) need a family that supports them and communicates with them and takes an interest in their endeavors on and off the ice. For some of these players, this may be their first time away from home and they will look to you for advice and guidance. If you have any interest or questions please do not hesitate to contact Hunter Blackmon at 208-522-8363 or

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